M&Z Industrial

M&Z Industrial Brand Refresh

M&Z approached Hello Public to create a fresh new website. M&Z Industrial is an Edmonton industrial supply company that has been in business for over 40 years. They've survived recessions, the crash of oil prices, and even a tornado.

During our research and discovery, we found that the existing logo had gone through several revisions and unplanned adjustments, which allowed for the company branding and collateral to be in a constant state of disarray. Because the logo had undergone continuous and undocumented modifications, we felt it had lost its way and didn't adequately represent the companies values.

M&Z's primary business is in the manufacturing of bolts and fasteners. The production of which requires a high degree of precision to ensure they can meet their clients' exacting measurements. We wanted to make sure the revised logo captured that feeling of care and precision.

We also wanted to acknowledge the extensive history of M&Z and the recognizability their logo has in the industry, and to maintain a commitment to the existing aesthetic choices. Any change we made had to have reference, where possible, design choices first established Forty years ago.

Hello Public also completed a photoshoot to capture images for the new website, and to help build an asset library for social media and marketing purposes. These images included the warehouse, employees at work, and quality testing, and the manufacturing process.

Once we had established the revised identity, and working in partnership with M&Z's IT management company, completed the web site design.

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