Playing With Your Food is Strongly Encouraged!

Cait Burns
May 4, 2022
Photography requires creating your own opportunities and continually developing new skills. We thought we would try our hand at food photography and grabbed some cupcakes and french macarons from our favourite local bakery.

We typically go into each session with a few shots in mind. We will spend the first half of our sessions creating these photos, and in the last half, we will play. Often, our unplanned spontaneous images end up being out favourites. We have no problem being creative on the fly. Still, it is essential to go into every photography sessions with a plan.

The image above was the image we shopped and planned for, so it was the image we created first. Food photography requires a lot of preparation and attention to the finer details. We went through our strawberries, looking for the reddest, juiciest, and best-shaped. Once we picked the best of the best, we washed everything really well to bring out the natural shiny surface of the strawberry.

We staged this food scene on top of a cookie sheet! Initially, we thought we would just use a large piece of pink poster board, but it just felt too underwhelming. We really played with texture in this shot, so the speckled pink cookie sheet worked out perfectly for this monochromatic schemed image. Once we captured this image as we imagined, we went on to just playing. We let the materials, props, and treats inspire us and created a few isolated cupcake shots as well as a second staged scene.

The last image we created was our collective favourite! We knew we were done with the Macarons, so we knew there was no failure! We love the contrast of the vibrant colours in the collection. We finished this session indulging in all the sweet treats!

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