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our process
From Concept to Creation: The Magic Behind Your Photo Shoot Journey.

Discovery & planning

We’ll sit down together, and chat about what you’re hoping to achieve, who your audience is, and the vibe you’re aiming for. We’ll chat about concepts, themes, and locations.


Once we’ve nailed down the concept, we’ll start planning. We’ll pick a date and time, decide on the location, and discuss any props or special equipment we might need.

The Big Day

On shoot day, you’ll arrive on location, get glammed up if necessary, and we’ll start shooting. We’ll work through a variety of poses, settings, and lighting to capture you in the best possible way.

Editting & Refinement

This is where we work our magic, retouching and color grading the photos to perfection. It’s like the icing on the cake, making sure each image is a masterpiece.

The Reveal

Once the editing is done, we’ll arrange a viewing for you to see the final photos. You can choose your favorites, and we’ll discuss options for prints, digital files, and other products.

The Afterparty

Cue the confetti cannons! Once you’ve got your beautiful photos, it’s time to show them off! Share them on social media, hang them on your walls, or use them in your marketing materials.

Photo of a woman holding one side of her hair up on a purple backdrop.

Lights, camera, action

This is where we love to play, experiment, and push boundaries. Our studio is equipped with the industry's best gear. We own several strobe lights, modifiers, and endless choices of colour backdrops. We are always adding to our collection of equipment to ensure that we can best serve our clients and create highly creative and professional image.

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In The Wild

Not every session is best suited for the studio. We are equipped to come to any location and capture the high-end photography our clients have come to expect from us. Whether its enduring -30°, creating visual interest in less than interesting environment, or placating a pregnant mare, we’re always up for the challenge.

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Photo of Mayor Stuart Houston on snowshoes.
Photo of the reverse osmosis machine at Rebel Heart Trucking.

Experience and Determination

Gritty machinery, sweaty workers, top secret equipment; we’ve done it all. Industrial photography can be more than just documentary. Being equipped to bring our gear to you allows us to create the images you’re after.

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