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our process
We’ve mastered a 6 step method to create awe inspiring brands.

Research & Discovery

We always begin by familiarizing ourselves with your business and the market, which helps us understand your values and audience. Then we analyze what competitors or peers are doing well and why. Here, we can uncover insights into the most effective way to communicate with your clients.


Armed with many strategies, we begin to put pen to paper to think divergently, then make connections. We identify voice, characteristics, and purpose. During this phase we will create a mood and style board.


In the sketching phase of branding design, we see if our ideas have merit. Forms begin to take shape and ideas begin to evolve. Typically we generate several good ideas which will be further explored in the next design phase.


Here, we critically discuss the ideas explored and weed out anything not worth exploring. We select 2-4 concepts to create digital forms where we consider things like form, scale, and typography.

Logo selection & refinement

We are nearly done! This phase is focused on perfecting! We confirm type selection and placement, explore different orientations of the logo, colour palettes, and make your chosen mark pixel perfect!

Brand package

At this phase we pull everything together. We develop a brand book which begins to explore application of your brand and package everything for use. Your brand is ready to use!

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