We began the design process investigating other organizations with a focus on homelessness and poverty. Unsurprisingly, we identified several visual motifs which are highly prevalent among such organizations. Abstracted people and groups, the personification of objects, hands, and doves.

While cliches are cliches because they’re true, we wanted to be much more deliberate and thoughtful in our approach. We focused on states of being, and messages of hope, direction, guidance, and positivity. With this concept in mind, we sought to create a visual identity which is truly unique within the area of homelessness and poverty, yet appropriate for the subject.

Primary logo

Hope and Home logo, a house shape with a hanging light.

We often hear the phrase “keeping the lights on” when discussing poverty and homelessness. The Hope & Home logo is a visual representation of this common phrase. Our logo represents the warmth and safety of light, a comfort which can be understood by any individual facing housing insecurity or poverty.

Alternate Versions

Hope and Home logo, a house shape with a hanging light.Hope and Home horizontal logo.


Green Colour Palette swatch,Yellow Colour Palette swatch,Blue Colour Palette swatch.Red Colour Palette swatch.

Colour Palette

The colour pallete options are friendly and optimistic; each hue juxtaposing classically warm and cool hues. Together, these colours bring an energy to the brand that reflects the positivity of Hope & Home.

Colour Palette
Blue arrow icon.


The documents for Hope & Home were created to convey the organization’s mission, challenges and approach to the Champions Table. Playfully incorporating graphic elements from the brand helped to draw attention to important information while keeping the viewer interested. The documents consider the brands typography, using a rounded geometric typeface that connects the shapes and typography.

Mockup of documents designed for Hope & Home
Icons used in the Hope & Home website.

Icon library

Each icon in this collection establishes a sense of movement and energy which livens their environment. The bubbly yet reductive forms create a tight composition, allowing the vibrant colours to reinforce the optimistic qualities of this brand.

Pattern & Graphics

Each pattern sings a visual symphony of bright hues and bold shapes, adding an electric energy to any space. It’s a joyous celebration of colour, geometry, and imagination!

Hope & Home red, blue, green, yellow and black geometric pattern.


This vibrant website pops with lively colours and bold geometric patterns, while the clever navigation system makes for an easy and intuitive user experience. It’s a striking digital playground where aesthetic brilliance meets smart design, ensuring that exploring the site is as effortless as it is delightful. Truly a standout in the digital realm!

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