The St. Albert Housing Society provides safe, affordable rental housing options and services to individuals and families of modest means in St. Albert. The SAHS owns rental units rented at 10% or more below market rates, grants temporary rental assistance to eligible individuals, and provides information and referral services.

Our relationship with the St. Albert Housing Society began in 2015, where we made frequent updates to their old website. We added images and refreshed banners for six years before the opportunity arose for us to completely redesign their online presence

Black and white wireframes for the St. Albert Housing Society website.


We began by reorganizing the site’s information, grouping related information and adding supporting imagery. In doing so, the structure and navigation became much more intuitive and user friendly, allowing for better communication between the St. Albert Housing Society and their audience. We identified how different types of users may want to visit different pages, and focussed on how we could effectively direct them to where they wanted to go.

We then applied a modern and vibrant brand refresh that repositioned the SAHS as a forward thinking and optimistic organization. Clean typography, friendly icons, and carefully adjusted spacing make this website appealing and memorable to all its visitors.

Icon library

We created a set of unique and illustrative icons that were paired with different statistics and educational text related to the SAHS throughout the site. These visual anchors allowed us to reinforce the vibrance of the brand while better grabbing the attention of users and guiding them towards informative content.

Illustrative icon set created for the St. Albert Housing Society Website.
Green palette swatchOrange palette swatch.Pink palette swatch.Light blue palette swatchNavy blue palette swatchPurple palette swatch

Colour Palette

This palette creates contrast between its warm and cool hues, resulting in a vibrant yet friendly presence that reinforces the direction of the brand. Each colour has the ability to be implemented amongst its various tints, softening the visual elements while adding a sense of dimensionality as seen within the icons and illustrations.

The green, blue, and navy swatches are a call back to the original branding, allowing for some familiarity amongst long-time users.

Colour Palette
Blue arrow icon.


Our final product features an intuitive and organized navigation that accommodates a diversity of user interests, being careful to properly label each of the links and pages in order to provide a better sense of direction for first-time users. The site features prominent illustrations that support the educational content featured throughout, allowing those who are unfamiliar with the SAHS to gain a greater understanding of their mission and goals. The animated clouds add an interactive aspect as users scroll through, adding a sense of fun and engagement to the experience of the website. Overall, we were very pleased with the opportunity to redesign this website for the St. Albert Housing Society and enable a stronger connection between them and their digital audience.

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