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Phoenix stands as Spruce Grove’s foremost provider of Physical Therapy services, offering an extensive array of hands-on and mechanical treatments, complemented by contemporary therapeutic methodologies like shockwave therapy and massage. Despite its established standing in Spruce Grove, the objective of this rebrand was to infuse Phoenix with a fresh visual identity that effectively communicates its services while preserving its community recognition.

The final mark considers all of the above. The curvature of the phoenix crest to tail exudes freedom of movement. Its position, floating, but anchored to the text gives lightness to the mark. Symbolically, this exemplifies what individuals seek through Physical Therapy. The mark also explores sophistication, professionalism and trust through both graphic elements and text. It is also luxurious, warm, and sophisticated.”

Dark purple palette swatch.Light purple palette swatch.Red palette swatch.Yellow palette swatch.Gold palette swatch.Orange palette swatch.

Colour Palette

We carefully selected a colour palette that was true to the Phoenix, while modern and unique. We added dark and vibrant red-violets to the traditional orange and yellow to accomplish this.

Imagery of the Phoenix can tend to be quite masculine and harsh, so while we were careful in our design to soften up the imagery, the violet aides in creating an overall warm and friendly feel.

Purples are a common colour found in royal or luxe designs, it also inspires trust.

Throughout the mark we’ve used these colours in three gradients which create an illustrious aesthetic that is both professional and bold.

Colour Palette
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Gradient Swatch 1


Throughout the mark, we’ve used these colors in three gradients which create an illustrious aesthetic that is both professional and bold. The gradients not only evoke a sense of dynamic energy, symbolizing the transformative journey of healing and recovery, but also provide a visually captivating representation of the multifaceted care that Phoenix offers to its clientele.

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Mockup of documents designed for Phoenix Physical Therapy.

Print collateral

In our brand’s debut materials for Phoenix, we developed a letterhead and flyer to convey essential information. The flyer prominently features the logo on its front page, highlighting the fresh brand identity. This approach ensures that the audience immediately connects with the refined and trusted image of Phoenix, while also providing clear details about their services and the convenience of direct billing.

Mockup of business cards designed for Phoenix Physical Therapy.
Phoenix staff portraits.


The inclusion of carefully crafted headshots against a branded backdrop serves as a pivotal element in enhancing Phoenix’s brand identity. These headshots not only humanize the brand by putting faces to the expertise, but they also exude a strong sense of credibility and trustworthiness. By visually connecting the team to the brand’s identity, these headshots establish a genuine and approachable rapport with clients, thereby reinforcing the professionalism and authenticity that Phoenix’s physical therapists bring to their practice.

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