The objective of this project is to revise the current M&Z Industrial Ltd. Logo to better communicate the company’s values and goals, while maintaining its heritage as represented by past iterations of the logo.

The process that was undertaken to revise and refresh the logo solidified the company’s visual identity by providing an array of visual tools in which to utilize in future marketing and branding endeavours.

Original logo

Redesigned logo

  • The “M’ and the “&” were redrawn to build consistency with the Z.
  • Each character is trifurcated to maintain a consistent identity by referencing the original iterations of the logo.
  • The angles found in each letter-form can be found repeated throughout the logo.
  • The M has been slanted to the right and the top stroke of the Z cropped to create a sense of speed and movement.
  • Stroke width and spacing between strokes is consistent through-out the mark.
  • The ampersand is brought up and placed in-line with the letter-forms creating a more prominent and confident mark.
  • The design of the “&” was redrawn to improve legibility and recognition.
  • A stroke on each letter-form intersects with the ampersand. This brings the logo-form together to build cohesion between all elements.
  • The negative-space between the letter-forms is carefully considered to ensure even weight throughout the mark.
Black Colour Palette swatch,Navy Blue Colour Palette swatch,White Colour Palette swatch,

Colour Palette

This muted palette inspires a calming sense of trust that establishes M&Z as a professional and honest brand.

Blue and white are used in conjunction with black to create clean and reductive designs that tie themselves back to the logo.

Colour Palette
Blue arrow icon.
Mockup of letterheads and business cards as well as a truck wrap concept designed for M&Z

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