We are shining a spotlight on our enduring collaboration with Pattison, a thriving partnership that has spanned over a decade since its inception in 2008. At the heart of this journey lies our commitment to crafting tailored solutions that resonate with regional needs, igniting profitability and nurturing lasting connections. We've honed our ability to delve deep into Pattison's unique requirements, allowing us to engineer strategies that consistently exceed expectations and elevate outcomes.

Beyond the realm of individual projects, our collaboration extends into organizational initiatives, etching an indelible mark on the landscape. This section of the case study invites you to explore how our partnership with Pattison embodies adaptability, innovation, and enduring success. Through a spectrum of dimensions, we illustrate the transformative potential of a strategic, cohesive alliance that stands as a beacon in a competitive landscape.

Pattison Halifax 2009 logo: the PAttison wordmark with a lighthouse representing the "I" surrounded by birds and waves.

on-demand creative

Our collaborative journey with Pattison delves deep into the realm of graphic design, branding, and identity. Seamlessly working hand in hand with their in-house creative department, HelloPublic has functioned as an extension of their team, harnessing our collective expertise to enhance their brand's visual language. This synergy has transcended the scope of individual projects, finding its pinnacle in our work on their annual staff function, where we infused creative finesse to amplify their corporate culture. The visual narrative we've woven serves as a testament to our ability to craft designs that not only resonate but also elevate the essence of Pattison's brand identity.

Our collaboration with Pattison is more than just project execution; it's a strategic partnership that extends to crafting responses to proposal requests. In this realm, HelloPublic has seamlessly synchronized efforts with leadership, marketing departments, and front-line staff to compose compelling proposals that catalyze growth and expansion. This dynamic interaction showcases our adaptability and strategic prowess, and the results speak for themselves, underlining the tangible impact of our collaborative approach in driving Pattison's success trajectory.

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Hanging sign render for Oxford Place.

Industrial design support

Venturing into the realm of industrial design, our partnership with Pattison has materialized into uniquely branded signage and wayfinding solutions. Our creations have adorned an array of properties across Canada, ranging from municipalities and airports to commercial establishments and office spaces. These designs, visual embodiments of our commitment to innovation and functionality, showcase our adeptness in translating design into functional solutions that leave an indelible mark on diverse environments.

Our industrial design support reverberates as a hallmark of our collaboration, signaling a seamless blend of creativity and practicality. These visual elements highlight how our solutions enhance brand visibility and facilitate navigation, creating impactful brand touchpoints that resonate across the nation. The story of our industrial design prowess in collaboration with Pattison stands as a testament to the transformative potential of design in shaping spaces and enhancing experiences.

Billboard render for BC Place.

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