Outloud Foundation is a non-profit in St. Albert for the 2SLGBTQIAP+ community, providing support and services. They first opened their doors in March 2014 as a safe and inclusive space for 2SLGBTQIAP+ youth to connect with each other and allies, away from the intense bullying and high suicide rates still prevalent in their community.

When Outloud first came to us, their only brand asset was their logo. So while this project began as a website redesign, we used the opportunity to develop the brand further. We were eager to support this critical organization in building a cohesive and energetic visual communications style that would speak to the 2SLGBTQIAP+ community and their allies.

Black and white wireframes of the Outloud Foundation's website.


In the early stages, we started to analyze what existed on the current website and how it served the user experience. Through dissecting the site map, we were able to streamline pages and create a more straightforward user experience.

When we began looking for graphic inspiration, we knew we wanted to avoid the cliche look of rainbows that is all too often used for the 2SLGBTQIAP+ community. On the other hand, we still wanted to create a playful and colourful brand. Keeping in mind the younger demographic of Outloud, we decided to use a one-dimensional design accented with stylized half-tone dots, illustrative icons and duotone photography.

Red palette swatchOrange Palette swatchYellow Palette swatchGreen Palette swatchBlue Palette swatchBlack Palette swatchPurple Palette swatch

Colour Palette

Outloud’s logo is a recognizable icon in the St. Albert community. It expresses inclusivity, love and pride to the 2SLGBTQIAP+ community and their allies. We pulled the colour palette from the existing logo to create consistency and maintain recognition in the community.

The palette is the lead with a deep purple, the primary colour. The rest of the palette is shades of the rainbow. The palette offers a refreshing twist on the typical shades of the rainbow, adding a sense of playfulness and uniqueness to the Outloud brand.

Colour Palette
Blue arrow icon.
Type Sample of Calendula and Objektiv MK1.


To compliment the custom typeface, and to ensure clear communication, two secondary typefaces were selected.

Brandon, a highly legible and versatile typeface, was selected for its geometric qualities and large family. Its angular nature and construction compliments the custom typeface developed for the campaign.

Bristany, a monoline script, was added to act as a counterpoint to block-like and geometric custom displace face. It adds a sense of maturity to the wordmark and elevates the aesthetics.

Blue arrow icon.
Colourful grid of multicoloured icons for the Outloud Foundation

Icon library

As mentioned above, our visual language for this brand was bright and one-dimensional. Because of this, we developed an extensive library of icons for Outloud to strategically use in place of images. The icons pull in all the brand’s colours with an organic shape behind them, allowing for some accent dimensionality. The icons themselves play on popular youthful slang like “spilling the tea, or calling someone a “queen.”


The final design employs vibrant colours that create a lively and energetic style. The bright blues, pinks, and yellows evoke positive emotions, aligning with the brand’s youthful and inclusive messaging. This choice engages visitors and encourages exploration. In terms of user experience, the website features a clean and intuitive layout. The navigation menu is easily accessible, allowing effortless exploration. Concise headings convey the purpose of each page. Social media icons at the bottom promote engagement and community building. High-quality visuals, such as the custom icon library, enrich the aesthetic. Overall, the Out Loud St. Albert website effectively uses the newly expanded brand to create an inviting atmosphere while ensuring a user-friendly experience.

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