Shaping Our Community was produced for the City of Spruce Grove’s Municipal Development Plan to bring to life a shared vision for the future which involves significant community consultation and engagement. The name of the campaign provided strong aesthetic parameters to work within. The tangram is the foundation in which the entire brand has been built inclusive of the wordmark, icons, and custom typeface Tangram Display.

The seven pieces of a tangram come together to make a whole. These shapes, arranged in different ways, provide the opportunity to create endless patterns which can form both abstract and concrete configurations. The tangram is the visual language which communicates all the shapes of our community. Symbolically the individual shapes represent the diversity of people who have come together to form the community, the neighbourhoods that make the City whole, or the building blocks that have been laid down which we aspire to continue to build upon.

Within the context of the Municipal Development Plan, the shapes of the tangram is symbolic of how citizens are being invited to shape their community. We hope to inspire the community to share their dreams for the future of our city, for their children, and generations to come.

Shaping Our Community tangram diagram.

What is a tangram?

A Tangram is a dissection puzzle consisting of seven flat polygons, called tans, which are put together to form shapes. The objective is to replicate a pattern (given only an outline) generally found in a puzzle book using all seven pieces without overlap. Alternatively the tans can be used to create original minimalist designs that are either appreciated for their inherent aesthetic merits or as the basis for challenging others to replicate its outline.

Blue Colour Palette swatch,Turqoise Colour Palette swatch,Yellow Colour Palette swatch,Orange Colour Palette swatch,Magenta Colour Palette swatch,Pink Colour Palette swatch,Seafoam Colour Palette swatch,Cream Colour Palette swatch,

Colour Palette

The brand colour palette is both fun and vibrant while possessing a sense of maturity and sophistication.

The primary palette is comprised of seven colours to mirror the amount of shapes in a tangram. One additional colour, beige, is to be used as a background colour only.

This palette allows for the City of Spruce Grove colours to sit complimentary along side the MDP brand.

Colour Palette
Blue arrow icon.
Shaping Our Community typography samples including Brandon text and Brittany.


To compliment the custom typeface, and to ensure clear communication, two secondary typefaces were selected.

Brandon, a highly legible and versatile typeface, was selected for its geometric qualities and large family. Its angular nature and construction compliments the custom typeface developed for the campaign.

Bristany, a monoline script, was added to act as a counterpoint to block-like and geometric custom displace face. It adds a sense of maturity to the wordmark and elevates the aesthetics.

Blue arrow icon.
Shaping Our Community tangram typeface alphabet.

Custom typeface

The Tangram display typeface was inspired by the concept and shapes of a tangram. Each letter is built to create a unique form. In order to ensure legibility some rounded elements were added.

Icon library

We stayed true to the tangram conventions in the development of the brand icons. Our considerations included how they would be utilized in print, web, and motion applications.

There are endless possibilities to expand the icon collection. Our goal was to identify icons needed for each category within the Municipal Development Plan document as well as those to be used in the marketing and awareness phase of this project.

Shaping Our Community Tangram Icon set.
Shaping Our Community brand booklet mockup.

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